5 Reasons NOT to Detox

Everyday, as I check my inbox and social media feeds, I’m inundated by numerous deals for juice cleanses and detox drinks. Admittedly, part of me is seduced by the idea of vitamin-rich elixirs scavenging for free radicals and purifying my body.

Why not drink a greenish concoction that will banish all the bad stuff still lurking in my veins from the holidays, and help me shed a few pounds? And don’t forget the glowing skin I’ll have! Sign. Me. Up! But when I put on my nutritionist’s hat, I can’t recommend detoxing to anyone.

And here’s why. Five reasons not to detox:

1. Nature’s broom

The body naturally eliminates toxins through its normal functions. Your organs such as the kidneys, liver, and skin do all the work, so there’s no need to go on treatments or programs to get the bad stuff out. Besides, the science behind a lot of cleansing diets is pretty weak.

2. Bye, bye nutrients

It’s green so it has to be healthy, right? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a green juice once in a while, but these drinks are missing vitamins, minerals and protein. That means when you are on a cleanse for an extended amount of time, you’re slowly starving your body of necessary nutrients.

3. Ka-ching!

Have you ever looked at the prices of detoxing programs and cleanses? They are prohibitively expensive and require a lot of effort. Even if you decided to buy your own juicer or blender, these appliances can cost hundreds of dollars, not including the produce you need to buy. The results just don’t justify so much time and money.

4. Can you keep it up?

Sustainability is the most important part of the diet equation. For a diet program to be successful, it has to be maintained in the long run. And detoxes and cleanses are precisely the opposite. (Besides, who wants to drink cold beverages in the dead of winter?)

5. Old News = Good News

It’s the oldest advice, but it endures through all the fads: Why not just drink more water, exercise more and eat more sensibly? And by sensibly, I mean less processed foods and more colorful, whole foods. It’s not as exciting as posting your cleanse of the day on Facebook, but following this tried and true advice, your body will love you year after year.

Photo Credit: Pixelbliss/Shutterstock.com

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