The 7 Minute Workout App for Busy People

I live in a 1.5-mile radius of 12 different workout facilities. Whether they’re gym chains, yoga studios, or cycling studios, they could easily offer me the kind of workout I want, and I could walk to half of them if I needed to. But distance isn’t the issue. Making time to work out—or rather, making time to get dressed, get in the car, drop off the baby, pay the monthly fees, and physically get into a class or onto a machine long enough before I start thinking of all the other pressing things I need to do—is the issue.

Frustrated with the options available to me in my immediate area, I took to Google to search for an exercise regimen that worked well with my schedule—and I found the 7 Minute Workout. Here’s the beautiful thing about this app: it claims to have the same physical effects as a 45-minute gym class because the featured workout routines are incredibly fast-paced and intense (please note: you can press the pause button at any time). I can attest to this. I can definitely “feel the burn” after each exercise. These drills are equal parts cardio and strength and astonishingly fun to do. Also, there are loads of fantastic incentives. You get one standard workout when you initially download the app, and if you complete that workout for two consecutive weeks, every day, you get a workout bonus pack, with an additional new workout for free. In other words, you could buy it at any time for $1.99, but if you dedicate yourself to this 7-minute workout for two weeks, it’s free. Now that’s what I call an incentive! This idea goes for all four bonus packs as you continue working out with more diverse and challenging routines—the longer you consecutively work out, the more freebies you receive.

Best of all, the app talks to you. It tells you when to start, when to keep going, and when you’ve reached the halfway point of each exercise. I feel like my own little trainer is pushing and cheering me on—even though I’m literally in my flannels on my kitchen floor. This lovely little app offers so much more than a challenging and effective workout. These priceless perks have more to do with saving my sanity than sculpting my body. Let’s start with the fact that I can work out in my pajamas, in my living room, and in between tasks—all on my own timetable. And, with little to no effort, get right back into my daily routine.

There’s only one way for me to sum up how I feel about this app—I love it! It works for me. Seven minutes and I’m healthier and looking fit. Seven minutes and I’m back to doing my work. Seven minutes and I don’t have to drive anywhere or pay anyone. And as far as I am concerned, there isn’t a more efficient exercise regimen out there.


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