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A Record of My Vinyl

Records are still the coolest way to unplug.

Millennials have discovered the joys of listening to music on vinyl. It’s retro-chic.

For those of us who were around before streaming and downloading, before CDs, before cassettes and even 8-track tapes, this record revival can feel like kitchy nostalgia.

But have you listened to a record lately?

It’s heavenly. The sound, of course, is rich and full—quite different from digital recordings that can sound flat. The tiny imperfections in the recording remind us that these are real people playing real instruments. Every song is a frozen moment in time that we can listen to again and again. It’s intimate and inspiring.

Listening to records brings music forward; you can’t just program hours of background noise when you have to attend to the player. Pulling the record out of the sleeve, placing it on the turntable, turning it over to hear the other side … it all becomes a mindful ritual, a pause of appreciation.

Not to mention the freedom from your phone!

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to play music on a record player without the distractions that inevitably come when you’re streaming from your phone. While you’re thumbing-up or thumbing-down whatever track is playing, alerts are pinging, and before you know it, the music is forgotten. You’re pulled back into your inbox, or you find yourself swiping your way through Instagram or scanning your Facebook feed.

Vinylphiles avoid this distraction trap. And if that’s you—if you have a collection of records—you need this book: A Record of My Vinyl. It’s a collector’s catalog for music lovers that provides a perfect way to categorize and organize your records with room for notes on each page.

Thumbing through records at the store can lead to discoveries. Thumbing through records at home can be slightly frustrating when you know the album you want but can’t put your fingers on it. A Record of My Vinyl gives you (or the vinylphile in your life) a way to organize your collection, so you know right where to go when you know just the song you want.


And even if you don’t have access to a record player, the next time you put on some music, try this: do it mindfully. You can still “unplug” while streaming tunes from your phone. Here’s how:

• Don’t hit play on a Spotify playlist or Pandora channel.
• Choose an album by your favorite artist.
• Don’t hit shuffle.
• Listen to the entire album from beginning to end, as the artist intended it.
• Set it up to play and then put down your phone.
• Don’t pick up your phone again until the album is over.
• Take a seat by your speakers.
• Close your eyes.
• Pause. Breathe. Listen.


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