Are We Hooked on Cheese? Michael Moss Tells Why [video]

Michael Moss is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter known for his in-depth investigations of the food industry. In his new book, Salt Sugar Fat, he takes on our ultimate guilty pleasure: junk food. And his findings will ensure that you never look at a nutrition label the same way again.

First, consider these numbers: The rise of processed foods means that the average American is now eating 33 pounds of cheese and up to 70 pounds of sugar (close to 22 teaspoons every day) a year and double the recommended amount of salt every day — about 8,500 milligrams!

In Salt Sugar Fat, Moss isn’t shy about pulling back the veil of the American food industry. With his eye-opening and sometimes shocking research he shows exactly what’s in the processed food we’ve been eating, how bad it is for us and how food companies engineer it to be practically irresistible. But he doesn’t stop there—he tells you what you can do about it. Armed with illuminating information, this book empowers us to make better decisions by exposing the inner workings of an industry trying to keep us hooked on their delicious and seductive secret weapons: salt, sugar and fat.

In the video below, Moss explains how a deal between the dairy industry and the government resulted in a surplus of cheese that ended up — guess where? — hiding in all kinds of foods, bulking up our fat intake and ultimately leading to the obesity epidemic we’re dealing with today.

For more food facts and stats from Salt Sugar Fat, follow @SaltSugFat on Twitter.

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