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Enter to Win a Trip for Two to Canyon Ranch!

Wow – what an incredible opportunity to whisk away to the famously relaxing and rejuvenating spa and resort.  We are so excited to host this opportunity from Author Sherre Hirsch (Thresholds) and the folks at Canyon Ranch. To enter, fill out the form below and click here for the official rules. Good luck! Content loading… Please […]

Why You Should Stop Reading and Go to Sleep

Here you are again, snug in your bed. It’s been quite a day—for your body, for your brain, and for the system of the two intertwined. Did you do good things for your brain today? Bad things? Did your brain do good things for you, helping you to make decisions, think thoughts, and take actions […]

Cheap Chic and the Enduring Appeal of the Sneaker

With a new foreword by Tim Gunn and hundreds of timeless tips and tricks, the ultimate fashion bible CHEAP CHIC is back in print. Though it was published forty years ago, the timing of the reissue couldn’t be more appropriate, given the current state of fashion, which takes inspiration from every era. Today, for example, […]

Alcohol and the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

A Word on Alcohol and a Gluten-Free Diet As someone who freaked out when I was first diagnosed with celiac, I like to say that wine helped me through. While that’s partially true (you can take my dinner rolls, but you can never take my pinot!), the fact is that the alcohol change-up is not […]

Mark Bittman: Rethinking the Word “Foodie”

An excerpt from Mark Bittman’s ‘A Bone to Pick,’ featuring his most memorable op-ed columns from The New York Times. We found his take — on a word that has become ubiquitous not only in the food world, but at dinner tables with friends — really interesting and wanted to share this piece from his […]

Our 5 Favorite Looks from ‘Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time’

“Making a dress is not hard!” promises Tanya Whelan, author of Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time. Considering our best sewing achievement thus far has been a rectangle makeup bag from a wine and sew weekend, we were a little intimidated by her promise. Then looking through her step-by-step tutorials for each project, peppered with […]

The Rejection Proof Toolbox

Sometimes rejection can trigger a ‘bolt for the hills’ reaction. We’ve asked Rejection Proof author – and founder of the wildly popular 100 Days of Rejection video series – Jia Jiang to share his easy to remember steps to approach a request and ultimately make rejection work for you. Maybe there’s something to be said […]

An Excerpt from Rejection Proof

NOVEMBER 18, 2012. It was an unusually hot afternoon in Austin, Texas—but that’s not why I was sweating. I was driving my dusty RAV4 slowly through a random middle-class suburb in the northwest part of town, looking for a door to knock on. I’d already passed hundreds of front doors, willing myself to pick one. […]
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