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Diana Band

Articles by Diana Band

9 Ways to Focus Your Mind

Always distracted? Let these tips for improving focus and concentration help you become more productive in less time.

Do you often find yourself scrolling mindlessly through the same five apps on a continuous loop instead of focusing on what’s in front of you? Like many, you probably wish you could concentrate better and be more engaged in the present, but how do you retrain your brain to focus in a world of distractions? […]

How to Choose (and Use) the Right Dating Apps for You

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Here’s how to use dating apps to reel in your perfect match.

Whether you’re looking for long-term love or just someone to have fun with, the modern world of dating apps has a lot to offer. But with so many options, how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Joanna Coles, author of Love Rules, shares her secrets for success in finding a real […]

How to Talk So People Who Disagree with You Will Listen

Proven strategies for communicating effectively and empathetically with people who don’t share your views.

Have you given up on trying to change the minds of people who disagree with you? You know living in a bubble won’t change anything and will only make partisan culture worse, but how do you communicate effectively with someone who sees you as the enemy (and vice versa)? Related: The Lost Art of Good Conversation […]

6 Tips for Great Photos in the Digital Age

Creative inspiration to help spice up your Instagram and document your life with style.

Like many millennials, I’m an Instagram junkie. It’s my favorite way to connect with people I care about and living far from many of them, it’s an excellent way for them to feel involved in my life, too. With a camera in our pocket at all times, we can take photos of absolutely everything; we […]

10 Tips for Tackling Anxiety

Psychologist and psychotherapist Corinne Sweet offers simple strategies for fast relief from anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, more people than ever are suffering from anxiety. In our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, it can be a real challenge to slow down and disengage. While therapy and medication can be great ways to find relief, there are simpler alternatives to mitigating anxious thoughts, habits, and patterns. Here are ten effective strategies to help soothe […]

5 Tips for Flirting Like the French

For Parisiennes, charm is the spice of life. Learn how embracing it can help you find the romance in everyday encounters.

Every Francophile has likely found herself swooning over the quirky and evocative character, Amelie or (my personal favorite) American-in-Paris, Patricia Franchini from Goddard’s Breathless. They’re glamorous, feminine, and a little mysterious. And above all, they are incredibly charming, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing I could emulate some of their je ne sais […]

7 Ways to Reframe Your Thinking and Build Your Self-Confidence

Ignite your inner magic and learn to think, act and operate from a place of power.

Girl Code author, master life coach, and founder of the Champagne Diet blog, Cara Alwill Leyba, believes that within all of us lies the keys to confidence. That no matter how insecure we may feel, we all have the power to transform ourselves from shrinking violets into bright, commanding sunflowers — all by turning inward […]

Navigate Challenges in the Workplace Like a Pro

Ask A Manager's, Alison Green offers us practical advice on how to handle 21 tough discussions we may need to have during the course of our careers.

When it comes to awkward situations or tough but necessary conversations at work, we’ve all got our war stories. Whether it’s something small and grating, like a gum-popping co-worker, or something bigger and more complicated, like a boss that monopolizes your nights and weekends, everyone with a job has, at one time or another, found […]

Exploring the Secret Life of Cows (and Other Animals Our Culture Eats)

Think that farm animals aren't sentient and don’t have rich inner lives? Here’s why it’s time for you to reconsider.

When my husband and I left New York and moved across the country, we made the trip with our animals: two cats and bunny nestled in the backseat of our yellow Subaru. The trip was surprisingly easy for all of us, especially considering that half of us had hardly traveled further than the vet’s office. […]

7 Books That Will Take Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

From fire-making to fireside feasting, these reads will help you reconnect with nature—and yourself.

If you knew where I grew up, in rural northwestern New Jersey about an hour outside of the Poconos, you’d probably be a little surprised to learn that I didn’t go on my first camping trip until I was 29. Though I spent a great deal of time outside, sleeping in it never seemed necessary. […]