J.C. Herz

J.C. HERZis a Harvard-educated former New York Times columnist as well as a former rock critic and tech writer for Rolling Stone and Wired. A two-time author and technology entrepreneur, she started doing CrossFit in a gym where white-collar professionals and new moms cranked through pull-ups and Olympic lifts next to active duty military and members of the presidential Secret Service detail. Her favorite CrossFit workout is “Cindy.” Visit her online on Facebook.

Articles by J.C. Herz

10 Things You Didn’t Know about CrossFit

J.C. Herz, author of Learning to Breathe Fire, talks about the rise of CrossFit and the primal future of fitness. Surprise #1: You don't have to already be in great shape to start doing it. Surprise #2: Age is not a barrier. Surprise #3: Function trumps aesthetics. Keep reading to discover more things you didn't know about CrossFit.

Yoga and CrossFit: The Yin and Yang of Fitness

From outward appearances, yoga and CrossFit couldn’t be more different. Truth is, these two disciplines beautifully counter-balance each other. There isn’t a CrossFitter alive who wouldn’t benefit from the hip mobility needed for a pigeon pose. And if every yoga chick could fireman’s-carry her BFF for 50 meters and back-squat her bodyweight, we’d be living in a better world.

Why Your Girlfriend Is So Obsessed with CrossFit

"There's an intro class on Saturdays! You're not doing anything on Saturday at 8am, right? We'll go! You'll feel like you're going to die - it's awesome!" And you're thinking, who are you? You wonder whether to stage an intervention for her, not realizing that this whole conversation is her intervention for you.
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