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10 Ways You’re Killing Your Plants and How to Stop

Learn how to care for your green babies the right way.

There’s something equal parts calming and motivational about living in a home filled with plants. Vivid leafy greens and bright blossoming buds can reinvigorate any dull space into a dazzling indoor oasis, not to mention, they also filter out toxins in the air and replenish oxygen levels. Plants “breathe life into our daily routine,” says […]

25 Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Healthy and Happy Morning Routine

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Learn how to start it off right with these tips on building good early morning habits.

In an ideal world, we would all pop up out of bed refreshed and ready to go — no snooze button necessary. Then we would ease into a yoga flow, maybe take our four-legged companion out for a run and still have time to sip on some freshly brewed coffee on our patio. But the […]

Why Making Self-Care a Priority Will Make You a Better Parent

Ultimately what you want as a parent is connection, not perfection. Take time to recharge, refresh and restart in a positive new way. Here's how.

As a parent, your instinct is to put your child first. As wonderful and unconditionally loving as that notion is, it often results in the parent getting trapped in a frantic and exhausting cycle of being stretched way too thin. Don’t get us wrong, it’s all well-intentioned, but what’s the point of being at your […]

5 Tips to Navigate Any Drinking at Work Situation

Here’s how to unwind with your colleagues without unwinding your entire career.

Is there a line finer than that of drinking at work? On the one hand, gathering around libations after a long day at the office is often the trick to loosening up and creating an unprecedented bond with your coworkers. On the other, it’s a slippery slope to downing one too many and ending up […]

10 Little Pleasures to Help You De-Stress

True happiness is about savoring the little things in life.

At this moment in time, people across the globe are more connected than ever before. However, this connectivity comes at a price. Studies have linked heavy technology usage with fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Anyone who owns a smartphone can attest to this. Thankfully, life itself has provided us with everything we need to slow down […]

15 Ways to Spread Kindness

Extend a hand by extending some love.

With instant access to the world at our fingertips, it’s far too easy to be left feeling hopeless. Disheartening news about our world’s unstable political climate continuously bombards us. Social media leads us to compare ourselves to filtered versions of others. Emails and calendar notifications never stop pinging us, even when we’re not at our […]

5 Foolproof Tips for Running Newbies from a Champion Runner

These running tips from Olympic medalist, Deena Kastor, will have you conquering the pavement in no time.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise available to us. Running regularly helps strengthen our joints and muscles, which isn’t too surprising. Even more so, running has also been shown to help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. And it doesn’t just reap physical benefits; there […]

9 Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks You May Not Have Heard Of

Here's a list of uncommon uses for a common pantry staple.

Apple Cider Vinegar: You’ve probably heard of this cure-all, clean-all tonic before. You’ve most likely seen the golden elixir on the shelves at grocery stores, or you’ve stumbled upon a health and lifestyle website that raves about its many uses or you may have even learned about its medicinal properties from a friend. Over the […]

The Surrender Experiment: How to Let Go of Control and Allow Life to Call the Shots

Surrender control, and lose anxiety and fear in the process.

Here’s a scary idea: surrender control of your life. Our lives are ridden with tension, resentment, and anxiety because we try to control and determine everything that happens to us. But when it doesn’t go as planned—and often it won’t, because a million external factors are coming into play at once—we get upset or fearful. […]
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