Meg Kelly

MEG KELLY created The Compost Cook blog accidentally, out of necessity. "I became ‘The Composter’ because I have a huge appetite and refuse to waste food and spend more money then necessary," she admits. "If I simply had a large appetite and no money I could live off of ramen noodles, Kraft dinner and toast. However, I am obsessed with my health and knowing exactly what I am putting in my body. I love being challenged and this was yet another challenge…a challenge that hasn’t stopped for three years and counting. I hope to share, excite and intrigue my readers through my posts about food, fitness and the everyday." Visit Meg online at

Articles by Meg Kelly

Psyched about Commuting By Bike

I used to think biking was for three types of people: kids, trendy hipsters, and Lance Armstrong types. Now, you can find me whipping across the city, in everything from sneakers and gym gear to stilettos and dresses. From time saved to sights seen, my biking continues to brighten up my day.
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