Nicole Sprinkle

NICOLE SPRINKLE has spent her career in publishing. She's been a health editor at Parenting magazine and has written about health, parenting, food and travel for national magazines like Family Circle, All You, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Solutions, Brides, Bridal Guide and Time Out New York Kids. She has contributed to the New York Times' "Motherlode blog" and writes for the Huffington Post's Parentry blog. She is currently the Food + Drink Editor at Seattle Weekly.

Articles by Nicole Sprinkle

Delicious, Edible Stocking Stuffers

These 5 delectable treats are fun to make—and will impress whomever is the lucky recipient.

Cookie baking is a tradition for many at the holidays—be it to share with neighbors, coworkers, Santa Claus, or to add an extra surprise to a stocking. But if you’re looking to make your holidays even a little sweeter, here are some other fabulous treats that make for great stocking stuffers from favorite chefs like […]

Thanksgiving Redux: Nontraditional Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

We made Korean Bo Ssam instead of turkey last year. Here’s how you can change up your holiday table too!

Sure, certain time-honored family traditions have been part of your Thanksgiving holiday for as long as you can remember—but who says you can’t add new ones, or even just tweak some existing ones? Something is freeing about mixing it up, if only for a year. Take my family’s Thanksgiving dinner last year. We still met […]

Recipe: Thumbprint Cookies

A seriously sublime, allergen-free cookie recipe for the holidays from New York Times bestselling cookbook author, Danielle Walker.

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of year, when we unite with friends and family (far and near) to celebrate our bonds and give thanks for each other and our blessings. But for so many of us with food allergies—be it to grains, gluten or dairy—the time-honored traditions that we grew up with, particularly around food, can […]

3D Mammograms: Finally, A Better Breast Cancer Screening Tool?

Find out the benefits—and whether your insurance covers it.

Three-dimensional mammograms have been available in the U.S. since 2011 (originally used in conjunction with a conventional two-dimensional scan), but you may not have gotten one yet, as many insurance companies are just beginning to cover them. I had one, but wouldn’t have known about it if my doctor hadn’t asked if I wanted it. […]

A Handmade Gathering: Dinner Party Ideas for Fall

Throw a dinner party inspired by the seasons—warm mulled cider, cake, and centerpiece included.

The holidays are upon us, and so begins the celebratory season of dinner parties with friends and family. Rather than look at it from a stress-inducing place, why not consider it, instead, an opportunity to be creative and not constricted by the boundaries of what you think a “holiday” table must look like? Laying out […]

How I Turned Cluttered Bookshelves Into a Display of My Life

Books make a home. Use your personal library to add personality and spark to your space.

I recently met a super fabulous woman. She is a calligrapher, painter, and all-around stylish lady, whose home truly reflects her joyous, artistic energy. One of the things that stood out in her home was this beautiful glass shelf with brass trim in which she displayed all sorts of personal and family mementos—from vintage photographs […]

The Lost Art of Good Conversation

A Q&A with author Sakyong Mipham on how to create genuine connections in an online world.

Our modern lives are overflowing with white noise and chatter but sorely lacking authentic interaction. As we exist in a constant state of digital connectivity, we are ironically growing further apart from one another. In his new book, bestselling author of Running with the Mind of Meditation, Sakyong Mipham shows us how to re-learn speaking […]

When Time Stood Still in Spain

How I learned to slow down and smell the oranges—on vacation and back home.

Good travel isn’t just fun and relaxing, though it’s hopefully both of those things too. Good travel, to me, causes you to reflect on your own life—both there and on your return. Sometimes it even inspires you to make small or big changes.

Recipe: Golden Turmeric Roasted Vegetables

Simple, healthy, delicious Indian food for every day.

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Indian food?” If you’re like many people in the U.S., you likely think of an all-you-can-eat buffet full of heavy butter-laden, orange-colored homogenous “curries”—an umbrella word for gravy or sauce—often overwhelming the meats and rice they cover. If you even think of vegetables at all, it’s […]

How a Plant-Based Diet Can Give You the Winning Edge

Author of The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, Matt Frazier, on why meat might be your worst workout enemy.

Matt Frazier, co-author of The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, explains why a vegetarian or vegan diet will actually yield better results at the gym, or on whichever playing field or arena you strive to be your best physical self, and how to get there one simple step at a time.
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