BBL Offline and Outside: Yoga Class with Tara Stiles

Yesterday during lunch time, I and some other lucky BBLers had the opportunity to attend a Yoga class taught by the wonderful Tara Stiles. You may know Tara as a modern yoga-guru, a YouTube sensation, or the author of the upcoming Yoga Cures. Well, she’s all that and more!

We got to the studio at Strala Yoga and changed into our yoga gear. I think everyone was expecting a relaxing class, with a few stretches and breathing exercises–it was lunch time, after all, and we had to get back to the office afterwards. But the class was anything but. Tara led us through a series of poses that definitely, uh, stretched our abilities. We started with downward facing dogs, lunges, and plank poses to get things going. Then came the Warrior 2’s and 3’s, extended side angles, and triangle poses.

My favorite part of the class came when we had to do squats. I’m not usually a fan of the squat, but maybe it was the green juice I had drank or the blissful thought of not being in the office, but when Tara told us to go from a squat to crow pose, I did! In my own yoga practice, I’m very hesitant to try anything that remotely resembles balancing your entire body on one of your limbs, but I gave it a shot. With Tara’s encouragement, I managed to stay in crow pose for a record 1.5 seconds, which I consider quite an accomplishment for lunch time.

Afterwards, we had snacks and organic juices from Organic Avenue–a delicious way to end the best lunch break ever!

After today’s class, I’m a big fan of getting out and doing something active during a break at work. Leaving the office, even just for an hour or two, reminded me about life outside. Try to get offline and outside at some point during your day. I promise, it will make you feel better and you might just try something new!



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