21 Books for Your Best Summer Ever

Our staff picks for a healthy and happy summer.

Summer is almost upon us folks. It’s time to start putting a plan in place so you can make the most of the coming months. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated a list of 21 wellness and lifestyle books, which you can start reading now, that will inspire and guide you in making this summer your best yet.

1. Diet Right for Your Personality Type

by Jen Widerstrom

It’s no secret that some personalities struggle with the rigors and demands of diets more than others. The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom taps into her expertise in both fitness and behavior to help you reach your goals by determining your personality type and creating 4-week diet and fitness plans that best fit that personality type. Here are the tools, finally, to give you your healthiest summer yet!




2. Pure Skin

by Victoria Tsai

Your skin is your biggest organ and it deserves your attention and protection, especially during the summer. In this guide to flawless skin, Tatcha Skin Care founder, Vicky Tsai, shares the ancient beauty secrets of Japanese women. Knowing the West’s preference for tan skin, she includes a section that makes learning about sunscreen as quick and easy as applying it.




3. Inspiralized and Beyond

by Ali Maffucci

Heat and humidity beg for a season of eating healthy and light, but salad after salad can get predictable and boring. If you’ve got even a little bit of creative culinary ambition, Ali Maffucci’s Inspiralized and Beyond will take your summer mealtimes to new heights – whether you have a spiralizer or not!




4. The Healthy Mind Toolkit

by Alice Boyes, PhD

This empowering guide is vital for anyone who struggles with self-deprecating behavior. In The Healthy Mind Toolkit, Dr. Alice Boyes offers practical solutions to help you identify how you’re holding yourself back and how to reverse your self-sabotaging behavior. These tips will allow you to get out of your own way and back on the track to success this summer.




5. Session Cocktails

by Drew Lazor and the Editors of PUNCH

Looking for a fun alternative to beer and wine at your next backyard barbecue? With over 60 low-proof cocktail recipes to choose from, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in Session Cocktails. These low-alcohol drinks allow you to keep drinking all day without having to duck out for a nap, and with cocktail names like “Mermaid Parade,” you’re sure to have a blast.




6. True Roots

by Kristin Cavallari

Reality TV star and bestselling author Kristin Cavallari’s new cookbook shatters the myth that eating clean and healthy has to be difficult. Within its pages you’ll find over 100 delicious recipes that are not only gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, but they are also easy to make — which means less time in the kitchen and more time in the summer sun.




7. Bella Figura

by Kamin Mohammadi

When Kamin Mohammadi moved to Florence, she immediately noticed the differences between her lifestyle and that of her new Italian neighbors. In this guide, Kamin shares how Italy shaped her personal growth and offers advice for savoring every day by slowing down and finding pleasure in the little things. Caution: This book may inspire impromptu vacations this summer.




8. Getting Back to Happy

by Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff

What if you could change your thinking and habits to help you rebound more easily from some of life’s toughest challenges? That is the premise of the latest book from personal development gurus, Marc and Angel Chernoff. If you’re looking for a smile-filled summer season, get your copy now.




9. Women’s Health Vagina University

by the Editors of Women’s Health and Sheila Curry Oakes

Ladies, if you have to sign up for a course this summer, take a class at Vagina University. Protect yourself against the health hazards that come from shaving, thongs, chafing and living in a wet bathing suit. Keep your vertical smile healthy and balanced during the summer months and beyond with this empowering “course” tailored to the health needs of today’s woman.




10. The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook

by Mark Sisson, Lindsay Taylor, and Layla McGowan

Are you looking to reboot your metabolism and undergo a total health transformation this summer season? If so, look no further. This ketogenic cookbook by New York Times bestselling author Mark Sisson includes 75 all-new pressure cooker recipes that are fuss-free, delicious, and guaranteed to help you on your journey to weight loss and improved health.




11. This Is the Year I Put My Financial Life in Order

by John Schwartz

Between beach vacations, paying for air conditioning and treating yourself to trendy summer fashions, the warmer months can be a money-suck. Luckily, New York Times correspondent, John Schwartz just wrote a friendly, approachable guide to financial planning that will help you figure out how to have fun this summer while still saving for important things like retirement.




12. Forest Bathing

by Dr. Qing Li

Are you suffering from nature deficit disorder? (Aren’t we all after that brutal winter?) Then the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku – forest bathing – is for you. Learn from Dr. Qing Li how this practice can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve your immune and cardiovascular systems, and more, all through the healing power of trees.




13. Off the Clock

by Laura Vanderkam

We live in an age where free time is hard to come by (even in the summertime), and being busy is just a part of life. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, to say the least. Luckily Laura Vanderkam, a time management guru, is here to help. In Off the Clock, she teaches the importance of changing your mindset to feel calm and collected on even the most hectic days.




14. Great Tastes

by Danielle and Laura Kosann

From the founders of the popular website, The New Potato comes a trendy, healthy cookbook that redefines the way eating affects our lives, from our fashion choices to our relationships and beyond. Including 85 original recipes and stories funny enough to make anyone laugh, Great Tastes is more than your average cookbook and a perfect addition to your summer bookshelf.




15. How to Accessorize

by Micaela Erlanger

Summertime dressing is all about ease and comfort – but one still needs style despite the rising temperatures. Stylist to the stars Micaela Erlanger downloads everything she’s learned into this handy little volume that covers it all from sunglasses to smoky eyes.




16. The Signs

by Carolyne Faulkner

What do you do when you’re an inflexible Taurus and your girls’ beach getaway gets derailed at the last minute? Consult the stars! In The Signs, celebrity astrologist Carolyne Faulkner has designed a guide to help you interpret your chart, find balance, and reconnect with the essentials of life.




17.  Feast by Firelight

by Emma Frisch

One of my favorite things about camping is planning the fireside menu. For foodies in the forest, Feast by Firelight pulls together an incredible assortment of delicious and surprisingly easy recipes guaranteed to impress, like Tiramisu French Toast with Strawberries, Burnt Broccoli Mac ‘N’ Cheese, and Molten Lava Campfire Brownies in Orange Cups.




18. Perfect Is Boring

by Tyra Banks and Carolyn London

Planning a mother-daughter trip this summer? If you need some advice on how to get along with your mother, look no further than Perfect Is Boring by supermodel, Tyra Banks and her mother, Carolyn London. This dynamic-duo tout their close relationship and fierce support for one another as the basis for Tyra’s superstar status. Get a good laugh and learn to appreciate mom more with this must-read lesson in love and friendship.




19. The Bulletproof Diet

by Dave Asprey

Looking for a new way to get in shape this summer that doesn’t involve counting calories? Dave Asprey’s new book will have you eating high levels of healthy saturated fat (yes, you will put butter in your coffee) and working out less, all while increasing your energy and lean muscle content in the process.




20. Bounceback Parenting

by Alissa Marquess

Summer vacation for school-aged kids is just around the corner. If this time of year proves to be more stressful than stress-free for you, we have a solution. Bounceback Parenting offers tips and real solutions that will empower overwhelmed parents and help them better communicate and connect with their children.




21. Design by Nature

by Erica Tanov

Bring the spirit of summer into your home this season with interior decorating inspiration from Design by Nature. Acclaimed designer and tastemaker Erica Tanov not only shares simple ideas for everyday decorating and design but she also encourages us to look to the natural world for inspiration in creating surroundings that reflect our own personal tastes while keeping us connected to the sacredness of the environment.




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