Bone Broth: Wellness in a Mug


By now you’ve probably heard that bone broth is good for you. Like really good for you.

Marco Canora, author of Brodo: a Bone Broth Cookbook, tells us that bone broth can “help heal the digestive tract, relieve arthritis, fight infections, build strong bones, promote glowing skin and hair, support the liver in detoxing the body, and reduce inflammation overall.”

He had me at glowing skin and hair.

So I followed his simple recipe for Golden Chicken Broth (you can download it below) and drank it every day for week. Here’s what I discovered.

1. I like the taste of bone broth. Some people complain about it, but to me it’s pure comfort food. It feels nourishing to me in a way that a chunky cold kale smoothie does not. That much said, my husband says that bone broth smells and tastes like a musty barn, so you’ll want to sip before you gulp and see what you think.

2. I enjoy bone broth for breakfast. I know, gross. But after trying butter in my coffee, I’ve been interested in light breakfast drinks that don’t give me the harsh roller-coaster ride of coffee. With bone broth, I get a nice gentle, steady stream of energy. Note: I do crack the window when I’m enjoying a warm mug of broth at the office. (The smell is strong.)

3. My skin seems brighter with bone broth. Is it the detoxifying effect? Is it the fact that I’ve been skipping my coffee fix in the morning? Is it just all the extra water I’m drinking because the savory saltiness of bone broth makes me thirsty? Not sure. But it’s noticeable, and I like it.

I’m not exactly a bone broth zealot. I don’t carry a mason jar of artisanal broth around with me all day. I don’t know if I’ll be boiling up a batch every week or even telling all my friends “you have to try this!”

But I do like it way more than I thought I would. Again, going back to the comfort food idea. Sipping on broth (especially broth I made myself from fresh, organic ingredients) feels incredibly wholesome.

I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve jumped on the bone broth wagon. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Golden Chicken Soup - Brodo - Marco Canora-page-001

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