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The Benefits of Becoming a Good Listener

I have always been a chatterbox. I like to talk. In school I got in a lot of trouble for talking too much, but now as an adult, my gift of the gab is one of my greatest assets as a rabbi, author and speaker. Except for the fact that sometimes, my inability not to […]

Five Ways to Socialize Without Feeling Burned Out

Today I want to talk to you about social life. The media is full of advice on how social connections make us happier and healthier, and the media is right. But there are many different KINDS of social connection – and what works for introverts is very different from what works for extroverts. In fact, […]

Assess Your Self-Inventory with this True Colors Test

In today’s challenging job market, the time-tested advice of career guru Richard N. Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more than ever. As the fall season approaches, many students and workers will be looking to make changes to their professional lives, so we’ve decided to share an excerpt of one of the classic elements from the book—the “Flower Exercise.”

It’s Spring Cleaning, But Not As You Know It

Spring cleaning is a tradition in many cultures around the world, but our modern lifestyle needs something more. Cleaning is good, but it’s not enough. To really harness the forces of Nature and make a fresh start at the new cycle of seasons, clutter clearing will help you achieve much deeper results.

Feed Your Body Back to Health with Haylie Pomroy’s Food Rx

Are you ready to eat your medicine? Learn how balancing your metabolism can get your body back to a vibrant, energetic, and thriving state.

So what are you struggling with? Is it low energy, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or menopausal symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, high cholesterol, or even a chronic disease like diabetes or an autoimmune disorder? No matter what it is, you probably already know you need to do something different.