Detox with Dry Brushing


You know that your skin is your largest organ. But did you know that more than 30% of the toxins in your body are released through your skin?

Dry brushing activates the lymphatic system and moves lymph fluid into the lymph nodes where it can be processed. This is where the detoxing happens.

Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin, allowing your moisturizer to do its job.

And here’s an unexpected benefit – it’s energizing! I get a rush from dry brushing in the morning, especially when I follow it with a hot/cold shower.

How will you know if dry brushing works? Try it every morning for a week. Your skin should look brighter, cleaner. As for the detoxing, a friend gave me this advice. She said to dry brush for a week, and put my brush in a sealed plastic bag each morning after I use it. Then at the end of the week, give the bag a sniff. Whoa. Gross. I can’t believe that ickiness was sitting on my skin before I brushed it off!

Now I wash my brush with a gentle soap each time I use it and leave it out in a sunny windowsill to dry.

Dry Brushing Is Easy – Here’s How

1. Use a Natural Brush.

Get a large brush with natural (not synthetic) bristles. One with a long handle (pictured above) will help you reach your back, and if the brush removes from the handle to make brushing the rest of your body easy, even better.

2. Brush every morning before showering.

TIP: Brush inside your shower. Much easier to rinse off all the dead skin from your shower than to clean it off your bathroom floor!

3. Use long, gentle strokes up your body.

Start with the soles of your feet and brush up your legs to your hips. Then up your abdomen toward your armpits. Then from your palms to your shoulders. Do the same on your back body. More strokes is better (5-10 in each area), but don’t brush too hard! Use long, gentle strokes.

4. Moisturize after brushing.

Use a gentle cleanser in the shower and then moisturize with a natural lotion or coconut oil.

Now enjoy your clean, bright skin! Pay attention to how you feel and how your skin looks, and know that you’re helping your body rid itself of toxins.

We love detoxing. Check out all our detox articles – from detoxing your face to detoxing with sorbet, we have so many fun, creative techniques for you to try!

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