DIY Style: Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet

While perusing Jenni Radosevich’s wonderful blog, I came across these to-die-for bracelets.

After visiting a few trim stores, I had the material I needed to make these babies come to life. I went to multiple stores only because I could – having access to NYC’s garment district – but all the materials can be found at one jewelry trim store.

I followed the easy instructions on Seven steps and 30 minutes later, I had my wrist candy!

I Spy DIY Style chain rhinestone bracelet Jenni Radosevich

A few tips that I learned along the way:

• Make sure your rhinestones line up with the links of your chain. So, the bigger the chain, the bigger your rhinestones need to be.

• When measuring your chain for your wrist, take into account the clasp and the knots attaching the clasp to the bracelet. In general, the clasp and knots together will add an additional 2 chain link lengths to your bracelet.

• As you’re threading the suede ribbon through the links make sure to keep pulling tight.

• To finish off the bracelet at the ends, once you’ve attached your clasp and tied your notes, feed the end of the suede ribbon through the ribbon that runs along the back of your bracelet and then trim. This gives the bracelet a nice, finished look and will prevent unraveling.

I’m usually skeptical of DIY projects. Once I price them out, often times it’s just as budget-friendly to buy new. But not with these bracelets – they’re too unique with endless mix and match opportunities. And they really are budget-friendly!

Here’s my price breakdown. The chain could only be purchased by the yard, enough for 5 bracelets.

• 1 yard black chain: $9.00
• 1 yard gold chain: $9.00
• 1 yard rhinestone: $12.50
• 3 yards suede ribbon: $3.00
• 5 clasps: $5.00

I Spy DIY Style rhinestone chain bracelet Jenni RadosevichTOTAL = $38.50 for 5 bracelets or $7.70 per bracelet

Needless to say, my friends are going to get awesome birthday gifts this year.

I wear my new bracelet by itself or I pair it with many wrist bangles and baubles.

It goes with my favorite black dress and it also spices up my jeans perfectly.

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