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What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You

From mutts playing in mud to Chihuahuas nestled in designer bags, your dog says a whole lot about who you are.

Our family dog Lucy is a rescue and a mutt. She always follows the rules, and she watches over our cat Rex obsessively to keep him out of trouble. She has sensitive, stressed-out eyes, and she melts when you hug her. She’s smart, and she worries a lot. Basically, she’s me in a fursuit.

What does your dog say about you? Maybe more than you’d like. It’s not just about the breed; it’s about the lifestyle you create for your pup. Jo Hoare breaks it all down in What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You, and we’ve gathered a few juicy tidbits for all you dog lovers out there.

If your furry bestie is super mediagenic and you’re always posting on Instagram (maybe your dog has her own profile?), then Dognamic or Dogster might be for you. Why post cute pics of your dog, only to have them get lost among boring human updates from your friends?

What you feed your dog says a lot about you. If you feed your dog only organic food Hoare suggests, “you are rich.” Vegan? “You’ve got a lot of time on your hands.” Supermarket food? “You are normal.” You cook your dog’s dinner every night? “Your dog is the boss of you.” Do you feed your dog at the table? “Your dog is fat.”

On to the breeds. If you’re the proud owner of a French Bulldog, you should know Frenchies are “the #avocadoontoast of the canine world.” Having one tells the world, “I’m not basic. I’m expensive, and I’m fabulous.”

How about the tried-and-true family dog, Golden Retrievers? Goldens love water and mud and are forgiven for rolling in both (and covering your furniture in stinky hair) because they’re cute. Having a Golden tells people that you love sweet more than neat. As Hoare points out, “walking a Golden Retriever puppy down the street brings about levels of attention comparable to having J-Lo in a diamanté thong on the end of a leash.”

And last, the Chihuahua. Lovers of Chis have a lot of personality, just like their pint-sized pups. Chihuahuas are picky eaters, fussy poopers, and don’t shy away from a fight no matter the size of the other dog. Having a Chihuahua can “feel a little like being a security guard for a member of the world’s worst boy band.”

What breeds of dog are you attracted to? What kind of lifestyle do you give your pup? For more fun facts about you and your best friend, check out What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You.




Photo Credit: Kosamtu/iStock

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