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How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

It's time to pack perfect. Every trip, every time.

You did it. You worked really hard, you’ve earned some time off, and you’ve planned the perfect getaway. You can’t wait to get wherever you’re going, so you can set down the hassles of your everyday life and exhale.

But now it’s the night before you leave and you’re a mess. You haven’t packed. Your closet is a disaster. You keep throwing stuff into your suitcase, changing your mind, and starting over. Your perfect getaway is now stressing you out.

Or maybe you didn’t wait until the last minute; in fact, you started packing weeks ago. But now you’re staring at the three giant suitcases you packed for your short weekend getaway, and you know you’ve gone overboard.

Or maybe packing was easy-breezy, and you’ve arrived at your vacation spot only to find that every day you’re faced with another item you forgot. You’re going without or scrambling to find what you need in an unfamiliar place, taking time away from your fun.

It doesn’t have to be like this! Packing can be part of the pleasure of travel. You just need to know what you’re doing. How to Pack by Hitha Palepu gives you everything you need to travel smart for any trip.

How to Pack will help you get a grip on your Packing Personality, so you’ll know what you need to learn most. You could be an Anxious Overpacker (learn to edit your suitcase ruthlessly), a Forever Forgetful (learn to focus with a checklist), the Jumbled Traveler (learn to organize your bags), or the Impractical Daydreamer (learn to spend time preparing to pack).


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Six Do’s and Don’ts When Packing

• DO practice accessory math … for a trip of any length: 3 pairs or shoes + 2 bags + 1 scarf + 1 pair of sunglasses + 1 hat / 1 belt (optional).

• DON’T fall victim to the #1 cause of overpacking: laying out complete outfits. … pack “power pieces” that you can mix and match.

• DO wear a long-sleeved t-shirt on the plane … it’ll be the perfect temperature whether it’s too cold or too warm.

• DON’T worry if you don’t have a jewelry case … stick your earrings into a wine cork and bring along 2 sets of earring backs; slip fine necklaces into straws to keep them from getting tangled.

• DO get a few packing cubes … they will make your life so much easier and your suitcase so much neater.

• DON’T fold most of your clothes, roll them … except for structured jackets. Clothes will take up less space and arrive less wrinkled if you roll them.





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