Eat Your Way to Softer Skin

We all know that eating well has its benefits, but did you know that certain nutrients can do a better job at moisturizing your skin than your daily moisturizer? So if your skin is suffering from this winter from dry indoor heating and cold winds (whose isn’t, right?), try adding foods with these nutrients to bring the moisture back.

Flax seeds, salmon and walnuts: These foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which repair your skin cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Coconut: Medium-chain saturated fats and vitamin E make coconut a super skin food coconut. Eating coconut oil gives your skin a boost while lubricating every cell. You can cook with it or scoop it out of the jar and spread like butter on toast.

Fish and eggs: Selenium, a trace mineral that is found in fish and eggs, helps the skin eliminate toxins. (Try this healthy Miso Cod recipe.)

Celery and cucumbers: These crunchy veggies are rich in silica, which moisturizes while boosting the elasticity of your skin. Nibble on them during the day or add them to your salads or smoothies.

Spinach: Spinach is loaded with vitamin A, which has been shown to have skin strengthening compounds, along with other vitamins. So juice it, sauté it, add it in your eggs. By adding a green juice to your daily diet you will keep your skin glowing while detoxing your system.

Berries: Antioxidants and vitamin C protect and repair your skin. Berries are loaded with them!

Now that you’ve got a hang of which foods will plump up your skin, here’s something to consider: Diuretics such as alcohol, coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks have a dehydrating effect. So if you consume any of them, make sure to add an extra glass of water with every cup. Another group of foods that can dry out your skin are dried and processed foods, such as dried fruit, cookies, crackers, chips, etc.

So think moist and grab some salmon, eggs, nuts, flax seed oil and berries on your next shopping trip.

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