3 Ways to Shift Your Energy

The principle behind how the Energy Medicine tool works is quite simple. Everything in the body works on energy: every cell, thought, and feeling. Energy is also constantly pouring out of your body, most of it from your hands.

When you place your hands on specific points of your body, you’re putting usable healing energy back into your body. When you put more usable energy into the body, it can do more work, and it can use the extra energy to fix problems. Remember that at their root, our issues exist only as internal energy patterns, not as bone, blood, or tissue. Physics 101 says that these energy patterns can be changed by another energy pattern. I believe that’s exactly what Freud did for his patients, and what I have done for mine for the past twenty-five years.

The Energy Medicine tool uses three positions: the heart, the forehead, and the crown. These areas house the physical parts of our body that directly affect (or are affected by) the stress response, as well as the control mechanisms for every cell in the body. You can use the Energy Medicine tool on yourself, you can use it on someone else, or someone else can use it on you. I have found that results are more powerful if someone else can do it on you, which is what Freud did with his patients and what I have done with my clients.

heartThe Heart Position

In the heart position, you place one hand (either left or right), palm down, on your upper chest (over your heart), and place your other hand, also palm down, over the first.

For this position and for the others that follow, you have two options: you can either rest your hands in this position and hold for one to three minutes, which is how Freud used this tool, or you can move your hands gently in a circular motion (clockwise or counterclockwise, whatever is most natural), slowly moving the skin over the bone (not rubbing the skin), switching directions every fifteen seconds or so, for one to three minutes. This rubbing option is what I have used with
most of my clients, and I’ve found it to be about twice as effective as just holding your hands still, in that it seems to generate results twice as fast. However, if for any reason you are not able to move your hands in a circular motion, the resting position will generate the same results, although it may take longer.

This position pours energy into your cardiovascular system and your thymus, as well as key energy medicine points for your immune system. The thymus is an integral part of our immune system: it governs the release of our hormones and chemicals throughout the glandular system. In fact, some doctors say that it is your immune system: as the thymus goes, so our immune system goes. Interestingly, it functions at its peak when we’re much younger—particularly at birth and just before puberty. Research is being done right now to see if activating the thymus to higher levels of functioning may heal cancer and many other diseases.

Also housed in the chest is our cardiovascular system, which has an electromagnetic field fifty to one hundred times stronger than the brain’s. I believe (as do other doctors) that if we think of the central nervous system (which includes the brain) as the control mechanism for our body, the cardiovascular system is the primary transmitter and receiver: it resonates out the frequencies mandated by the central nervous system. If that’s true, then together the central nervous system, brain, the glandular hormonal system, and the cardiovascular system govern all the control mechanisms in our body, both physical and nonphysical (including mind and spirit)—which are the same areas we’re pouring energy into with the Energy Medicine tool.

foreheadThe Forehead Position

In the forehead position, you place one hand (either left or right) over your forehead, with your little finger just beneath your eyebrows (just barely grazing the bridge of the nose), and your other hand on top of that hand, both with palms down. Again, you can either rest your hands in this position for one to three minutes or, for faster results, move them in a circular motion, moving the skin over the bones, switching directions every ten to fifteen seconds, for one to three minutes. You don’t even have to use a circular motion if back and forth is more comfortable, but I have found the circular motion to have the fastest results.

This position is what Freud would use with his patients: he would put his hand on the patient’s forehead. This technique works even better when used in conjunction with the heart position and the crown position (which Freud did not do). As a medical doctor Freud would have known what physical mechanisms were located in this area, but he didn’t know why it would so consistently bring up psychological issues when his other techniques did not. Now we do.

When you pour energy into the forehead, you’re stimulating some of the most significant physiological mechanisms in your body. First of all, you’re stimulating your entire brain: not only your higher and lower brain, but also your left and right brain. According to Roger Sperry’s split-brain experiments in 1972 (for which he won the Nobel Prize), the right brain includes our limbic system and our reticular formation, which govern wisdom, meaning, feelings, beliefs, action, and images. Our left brain governs words, logic, and rational reasoning only (i.e., not action and not meaning). You’re also pouring energy into the third eye chakra, one of the most powerful energy centers in the body.

Also, based on Sperry’s original research, I personally believe the right brain may be one of the main control center locations of the spiritual heart, which is the “container” for our spirit: our unconscious, subconscious, conscience, and the so-called last frontier—everything else we don’t even know about yet. In the same way, I also believe that the main control center for our soul, in addition to our body, may be the left brain—our conscious mind, will, and emotions. And all that is behind the forehead!

crownThe Crown Position

For the crown position, place one hand (either left or right) on the top of your head, or your crown, and your other hand on top of that hand, both with palms down. This position not only activates all the same physiological mechanisms of the forehead position (albeit from a different angle), but also the spinal column/vertebrae and the crown chakra, another powerful energy medicine point that many feel governs our connection to the spiritual realm.

Now you see how this physiological tool addresses all three aspects of our being: the physical, mental, and spiritual. When you apply energy to these three areas—the heart, the forehead, and the crown— you’re physically increasing blood flow and functionality to the control centers for every cell, every thought, every emotion, and every belief, as well as to your heart, third eye, and crown chakras, the three most powerful energy centers in the body. In short, you’re activating and providing more power to the control mechanisms for everything in your life: physical and nonphysical, conscious and unconscious, internal and external, your health, your relationships, your prosperity . . . everything.

Using the Energy Medicine tool is like putting gas in the lawn mower, hooking the propane tank to your grill, or giving food and water to a starving person. You’re giving your body the power to do what it needs to do. In its current state, it might be able to function in ordinary ways. But with this tool, it can do the extraordinary—it can heal our memories, thoughts, and feelings, which is what we want, and how our bodies were designed to function in the first place.

I agree with Freud. This tool, especially when using all three positions, has scarcely ever left me in a lurch. It’s the one I’ve relied on most often, and for the longest period of time.

Excerpted from Beyond Willpower: The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and Happiness by Alexander Loyd. Copyright © 2015 by Alexander Loyd. Excerpted by permission of Harmony, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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