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Family Entertainment: Planning Activities with The Golden Book of Family Fun

Tired of high-tech entertainment? Us too. Rediscover these fun non-electronic activities for all ages.

A few months ago, I was tasked with a challenge that strikes fear in the heart of most twenty-somethings: My boyfriend and I were asked to entertain his three nieces and nephews (all under the age of ten) for two hours without the help of a gaming console, movies, or television. *Gulp.* I conducted a few frantic internet searches for do-it-yourself books for kids in advance, and came across the promising sounding Golden Book of Family Fun. Since it obviously contained better ideas than my options at the time (Scrabble and an old jump rope), I decided to give it a try.

Flash-forward to the big day. Since their parents did not want to ruin the “big surprise” of a technology-free afternoon, the kids arrived expecting to binge on our collection of Xbox games, pizza, and Netflix. Yes, full disclosure, that was my preferred method of childcare in the past–what kid (or adult) doesn’t love that combination? Thankfully, no tantrums were thrown when we informed them that we had a “magical book” filled with super-awesome ideas for how to spend two hours together on this rainy Saturday.

The Golden Book of Family Fun truly has it all. From how to make a sock-puppet to tips on discovering nature, the book offers great projects for kids both indoors and outdoors. The grand slam activities of my rainy Saturday with the kids included creating “a recipe to forget your troubles…..blow bubbles,” as well as the aptly titled list of “Twenty-Five Things to Do on a Rainy Day.” The kids’ favorites from that project were planning their future Halloween costume and making Christmas Lists. In the tradition of Alice in Wonderland, we made an “unbirthday cake,” and went to town icing it with our names and giant, sugar flowers.

With the exception of project sugar rush (aka Unbirthday Cake), The Golden Book of Family Fun proved to be a lifesaver in bringing healthy fun to kids of all ages. Success!



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