The Best Wellness Books of June 2018

Take a peek at our list of this month's must-read wellness books.

Summer is the fire season — an energetic time when the days are long and the nights are short. Summer symbolizes freedom and growth, an outward focus in the world. It’s a time to go on adventures. But be sure to find balance — it’s easy to overextend ourselves in the pursuit of fun. While […]

7 Books That Will Take Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

From fire-making to fireside feasting, these reads will help you reconnect with nature—and yourself.

If you knew where I grew up, in rural northwestern New Jersey about an hour outside of the Poconos, you’d probably be a little surprised to learn that I didn’t go on my first camping trip until I was 29. Though I spent a great deal of time outside, sleeping in it never seemed necessary. […]

21 Books for Your Best Summer Ever

Our staff picks for a healthy and happy summer.

Summer is almost upon us folks. It’s time to start putting a plan in place so you can make the most of the coming months. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated a list of 21 wellness and lifestyle books, which you can start reading now, that will inspire and guide you in making this summer your […]

8 Brilliant Book Gifts for Mindful Mothers

Want your mom to know how much you love her? You can start by showing her that you're paying attention. This Mother's Day, gift her a book that speaks directly to her—mind, body, and spirit.

From the time we are born up until the time we hit our pre-teens, many of us view our mothers as flawless, caring wonders—a thing of pure perfection. But as we grow older, we begin to see them as so much more than their role as mother; we begin to see them for who they […]

Top 10 Nature Books to Celebrate Earth Day

We’ve gathered our favorite nature books to inspire you this spring. Use them to bring the natural world into your day, your home, and yourself.

For all its beauty, spring is not an easy season. Witnessing the earth coming back to life is wonderful, but the transition from winter to spring is volatile. Springtime reminds us of the sheer force of nature. Buds rip through branches, flowers burst up through cold earth, days of rain and wet snow are followed […]

Books That Bring Us Joy: The Best Wellness Books of March 2018

Take a peek at our list of this month's must-read wellness books.

March is one of the four months that straddles a season. The energy inconsistencies and strange mélange of weather associated with the month named after the Roman god of war, demands that we improvise and keep to our toes. Our fashion must be flexible, and our minds and bodies must be prepared for the unexpected. Our favorite […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Six steps—and books—to get started today.

Whether you’re looking to enliven your interior space with beautiful house plants, grow something delicious to eat, or arrange a stunning bouquet, these six gardening books will inspire you to get your hands a little dirty and bring the beauty and sustenance of nature to your home. Sign up to receive inspiring, expert advice on […]

Books that Bring Us Joy: February 2018

Here are 7 health and wellness books that caught our attention this month.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it can also be one of the most important for self-care. We’re past the excitement of the holidays, our enthusiasm for our resolutions may be waning, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is still plodding along, which means many of us […]
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