Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss, Better Food and More Time to Do What You Love

Change your everyday life by changing your approach to food with these amazing tips from health and fitness expert, Nikki Sharp.

Far too often, when we approach dieting, we go about it in all the wrong ways. We basically starve ourselves by restricting food intake to gain control of what’s gone out of control, and then, as a reward, binge eat for completing a diet without indulgences. Clearly, this approach to weight loss is ineffective. In […]

Slim, Heal, and Beautify Yourself from the Inside Out

10 foods to eat (and avoid) that affect your belly-bloat plus 16 herbs and spices that’ll burn your belly fat fast.

You know that belly fat you just can’t seem to lose, even when you’re at your ideal weight? This isn’t about losing that belly fat — although you will. You know those skinny jeans you desperately want to get into by this Saturday? This isn’t about dropping weight fast — although you will. The 10-Day […]

4 Ways to Reboot Your Health

Discover popular methods to jumpstart your metabolism, kick your sugar habit, and usher in a better you for 2018.

Too much coffee, too little sleep, too busy: January can be an intense moment of reckoning as we swivel away from the entertainment and indulgences of the holidays and face a more somber and sober time of year. The New Year is often when we ask ourselves that common—but mighty—question: What do I want to […]
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