Thanksgiving Redux: Nontraditional Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

We made Korean Bo Ssam instead of turkey last year. Here’s how you can change up your holiday table too!

Sure, certain time-honored family traditions have been part of your Thanksgiving holiday for as long as you can remember—but who says you can’t add new ones, or even just tweak some existing ones? Something is freeing about mixing it up, if only for a year. Take my family’s Thanksgiving dinner last year. We still met […]

A Handmade Gathering: Dinner Party Ideas for Fall

Throw a dinner party inspired by the seasons—warm mulled cider, cake, and centerpiece included.

The holidays are upon us, and so begins the celebratory season of dinner parties with friends and family. Rather than look at it from a stress-inducing place, why not consider it, instead, an opportunity to be creative and not constricted by the boundaries of what you think a “holiday” table must look like? Laying out […]

Staying In Is the New Going Out

5 fun ways to enliven your time with friends.

Foodie culture, screen time, tight budgets, binge-able TV ... whatever the reason for hunkering in, for many of us staying in is the new going out. So if the idea of a night in with friends and family sounds like a good time, we have some creative ideas for how you can spice up your night and add a little pizazz.
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