4 Fitness Books That Will Leave You Sweaty, Fit and Feeling Great

I added a few workout routines from these 4 books to my fitness regimen and was blown away. Here's what happend.

A little over a month ago, I wrote about my journey from phoning it in on the elliptical to taking my fitness goals to the next level at home. One of the best things about designing your own workout plan is that it pushes you to be creative in order to keep things from getting […]

Tone It Up’s Katrina Scott Is Pregnant & Here’s How She’s Modifying Her Workouts

If you’re expecting, and want to stay on the fitness track, follow her tips for adjusting your workouts.

Along with her co-founder and BFF Karena Dawn, Katrina Scott has been the part of the power duo behind the hit fitness empire that is Tone It Up. And just last month, Scott announced that there’s a new member of the TIU family. She’s expecting her first child with husband Brian Scott and her workouts […]

Ways to Safely Exercise in the Summer Heat

If you are planning to take your workout outdoors this summer, beat the heat with these 5 safety tips that will help keep you protected.

If the temperatures outside are spiking and the humidity feels overwhelming, you might be tempted to bring your exercise routine back indoors. But when it comes to the warmer months, it’s all about working out smarter, not harder. Dehydration and heat stroke are two of the most common heat-related illnesses that can occur if you’re […]

CBD Oil & Workouts

Here’s what you need to know.

Once believed to be used solely for its psychoactive effect, cannabidiol (CBD) is now rising in popularity as a wellness product, thanks to research on the fitness benefits of incorporating cannabis, in particular, into your health routine. The use and advantages of CBD oil range from reducing anxiety and treating seizures and diabetes to fighting […]

Here’s How Exercise Improves Your Health

From your muscles to your brain, this is what happens to your body during exercise — and it is all beneficial.

There isn’t a diet, drug, gene editor, surgery, supplement, or stem cell treatment that has a more profound or beneficial effect on health and longevity than exercise. Research has confirmed that regular workouts decrease rates of cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension, and dementia. In fact, active folks live an average of ten years longer than […]

Change Your Relationship Status with Food and Exercise from “It’s Complicated” to “Committed”

Skip the diet and exercise fads with a limited shelf life. Women’s Health Fitness Director, Jen Ator shares her secrets for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

After more than nine years as the fitness director of Women’s Health magazine, you could say Jen Ator’s pretty much seen, heard, read and written it all. (I mean, that’s like more than 108 issues of info!) So in a genre full of trends and quick fixes, how do you mix things up and break […]

4 Things That Happened When I Quit the Gym

You don’t need a pricey gym membership to get into the best shape of your life. Here are four reasons to kiss the gym goodbye.

For the first few years I lived in New York City, I had a routine at least three times a week: work, gym, commute, dinner, sleep. While I loved feeling healthy and enjoyed the cardio-induced endorphins, I hated the experience of the gym. The locker rooms, waiting for a machine that’s in use, and the […]

How to Stop Falling Off the Diet and Fitness Wagon

Psychologist and Resilient author, Rick Hanson, offers 3 tips that will help you stay on track.

When it comes to health and fitness, most people have a basic understanding of what they should do: Have a balanced and nourishing diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. The key isn’t finding the magic diet or exercise that solves all our problems, it’s having the mental fortitude to stick with those healthy choices […]

Why Women Should Lift Weights — Like Right Now

Need help with the heavy lifting? Then check out the Instagram feeds of these top fitness experts and watch them dispell myths as they help you get fit and curvalicious through strength training.

One of the biggest myths when it comes to women and exercise is that strength training will make you big or bigger. Now social media is helping top fitness experts finally crush that rumor. If you are looking to develop a healthy aesthetic, get stronger, and yes, even lose a few pounds, weight training is the […]

5 Foolproof Tips for Running Newbies from a Champion Runner

These running tips from Olympic medalist, Deena Kastor, will have you conquering the pavement in no time.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise available to us. Running regularly helps strengthen our joints and muscles, which isn’t too surprising. Even more so, running has also been shown to help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. And it doesn’t just reap physical benefits; there […]
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