10 Ways to Avoid Sickness and Jet Lag While Traveling

Want to stay happy and healthy during your next excursion? Follow these 10 simple tips for keeping your circadian rhythm (your natural body clock) in sync.

There are three core rhythms in your circadian code — sleep, timing of food, and activity. It’s all about following natural daylight and nighttime rhythms. We are not that resilient when those rhythms are disrupted. Our bodies just can’t take it. Changes in your circadian code make you vulnerable to a number of physical disorders […]

How to Choose a Travel Partner for an Unforgettable Road Trip

The right—or wrong—friend on a travel adventure can make or break the trip.

The Road Trip: is there any more iconic American way to travel? The open road, a great playlist and, of course, a buddy. It’s the latter, though — the travel companion — that can really affect the journey, for better or worse. That’s why it’s very important to consider who you want to bring along […]

7 Can’t-Miss Summertime Wellness Retreats, Workshops, and Festivals

Want to make the most of your summer? It’s time to practice what “time off” is really all about and plot your next self-care journey!

The summer months are filled with an abundance of healthy getaway options. Why not turn it into one big summer Friday? We’ve said it before: Wellness tourism is reaching all-time highs. What better way to reboot, recharge, and learn some “endless summer,” self-care techniques to keep you going until your next vacation? Workshops, retreats, and […]

Life Is a Journey: How to Let Go During Vacation

A less-then-perfectly planned trip to Hawaii taught me how to really live for the moment.

For many years, I was a professional traveler. I worked at a travel magazine and, so, it was essential to always find the latest and greatest places—and then narrow down where to eat, stay, and play with an aficionado’s precision. If it sounds glamorous, well, it was—sort of. The problem, though, was that when you’re […]

Life Is a Journey: The Beauty of Traveling Solo

Why women should embrace a trip on their own.

Enter your email to download Tips for the Fearless Female Traveler from Lonely Planet’s Solo Travel Handbook, and get ready for the trip of your life. Back in my 20s, I had what many would consider a dream job. I was a staff writer and editor for a national travel magazine. This meant that I […]

Life Is a Journey: Alberta, Canada Is Fuel For Your Senses

Travel isn’t only about the destination. It’s about absorbing experiences. The Canadian Rockies in Alberta will make you feel downright cellulosic. (In other words, you’ll become the ultimate adventure travel sponge.)

When I travel, I aim for the unordinary—an absolute removal from my everyday routine. I also seek locations that compete with the outermost reaches of my imagination. It is vital to see, touch, taste, hear, and inhale never encountered moments. New experiences enhance your perspective and shape humanity. Exploring the epic beauty of Alberta, Canada […]

5 Wellness Escapes To Book Now

How to build a mindful travel manifest.

Wellness tourism is booming. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the travel sector accounts for well over $500 billion of the world’s wellness economy. The travel industry has responded to our thirst for enhanced R&R with a surge in dedicated hotels, outdoor adventures, retreats, and festivals. More people than ever, nearly 700 million annually — […]

Life Is a Journey: Growing Up in Bookstores

Depending on who you talk to, independent book shops are either dying out or amid a renaissance. Whatever the case, they’re still my happy place.

Since I lived in a small rural town, there was just one bookstore, but I fondly remember visiting it. My dad would peruse the magazines while I hung out in the children’s section. But it wasn’t until I was 12 that I experienced my first real love affair with a bookstore.
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