Garry Marshall: Life Lessons

I have always believed that life is more important than show business. Surrounding yourself with those you love, eating well, taking care of your body and mind, and laughing are what I believe have led to my happy days in Hollywood. Here are ten of the most important life lessons I think everyone should practice to relieve stress and ensure a successful career:

1. Teach your kids three things: Learn to use a typewriter or computer. Learn to work a cash register or credit card machine, and learn to speak in front of people.

2. Hugs and laughter are the best free comforting devices.

3. Take naps. Learn to sleep without pills.

4. Go to a dentist at least four times a year, and go to a doctor at least once a year. Preferably on your birthday.

5. It is easier to make up with a woman than a man. Generally, women don’t hold grudges.

6. Get involved with a sport either as a spectator or a player. Rooting and competition relieve business stress.

7. Talk to children under six as often as you can.

8. Always have a backup plan. Things go wrong.

9. Sartre was correct when he wrote, “Hell is other people.” Believe in you.

10. If you have to rely on others, your family is your best bet.

Learn more about Garry Marshall and his happy days in Hollywood.

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