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3 Gluten-Free, Korean BBQ Sauce and Rub Recipes Just in Time for the 4th of July

Don't miss out on all of the good food at your next barbecue. Elevate and enjoy your cooking with Chef Kim’s bold and flavorful recipes.

Korean-American, Chicago-based chef Bill Kim, of restaurants Urbanbelly, Belly Shack, and bellyQ, introduces us to his modern take on Korean grilling in his new book, Korean BBQ. According to Chef Kim, his sauces and rubs are designed to be made in advance to make your cooking easier, more relaxed, and fun, which is what Korean BBQ should be. For those of you that have celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivities or no longer consume gluten by choice, we’ve chosen several recipes from Kim’s cookbook that will allow you to create savory bases that are bold in flavor, new and exciting to the palate, and safe for you to consume. Try out his Ko-Rican Sauce (a Korean-Puerto Rican fusion that Kim learned from his Puerto Rican mother-in-law), Blackened Seasoning, and Magic Paste recipes for a fun and flavorful time around the grill this 4th of July.

Note: If you suffer from celiac or gluten sensitivity, it is important that all the ingredients you cook with are gluten-free. Though most dried spices are naturally gluten-free, they can become cross-contaminated with gluten during the manufacturing process. Be sure to do your homework and read the labels when choosing seasonings and spices that are safe for you to consume. For spice brands that are safe for gluten-free consumers, check out Gluten-Free Spices: The perfect guide featuring the major brands.

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Korican Sauce

1. Ko-Rican Sauce

Flavors: Tangy, Earthy, Garlicky



Blackening Seasoning

2. Blackening Seasoning

Flavors: Peppery, Garlicky, Smoky



Magic Paste

3. Magic Paste

Flavors: Spicy, Peppery, Anise





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