Go to It! Practice Divine Compensation to Reach Your Potential

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing spiritual expert and bestselling author Marianne Williamson speak on “divine compensation” at the Community Church of New York. In her talk, Williamson revealed how we can each realize our full potential through daily expression of love. By understanding the principles of divine compensation we can overcome obstacles take may be lining our path. Here are a few key takeaways from her talk:

1. Everything is programmed for perfection in nature, and so each and every one of us is programmed to rise to perfection. One of Williamson’s most quoted passage in her book A Return to Love states that we are more afraid of our light than our own darkness. We sometimes feel that if we have more, others have you have less, rather than realizing if we live in the light of our own being it subconsciously liberates and inspires others to live from the light of their true being.

2. What is true in the material world is the exact opposite of what is true in the spiritual world. In the material world there are a limited number of pieces of the pie. If I have a piece, you have less. In the spiritual world, the more I am able to actualize love through my thoughts and actions, the bigger the resonance and field of possibilities for others. Where our mind sees struggle, the room of spirit sees abundance.

3. Every life has a platform. Many times we are waiting for “IT” to happen, when, instead, wherever we are is the perfect place to practice our full potential. Our path does not start “one day;” we are always standing right on it.

4. When we are aligned with love we activate our full potential like a conduit. Our task is to clear any blocks. Here are some strategies:

Limit negative self-talk: We are what we think. Thought carries energy and manifests in how we view ourselves and the world. Whether it is, “I am not enough,” “I am not appreciated,” “I do not have what it takes,” “I am going to fail,” “I am not as smart, as thin, as courageous, etc.,” the truth is none of us are perfect all the time. It is essential for us to give up the story of the past, so that we can grow into a new one now.

Counter anger with forgiveness: By holding on to anger we hurts no one but ourselves. Yes, hurtful things may have happened, but whatever happens from now on is up to you. When we hold a grunge against someone, they do not suffer; instead, we suffer. Forgiveness is looking at people from the place of their innocence and humanness. I forgive you so that I can be free of what you did. I see beyond your mistake to the love in you so that I can see beyond my mistake to the love in me.

Work through guilt: We may have made mistakes in the past, but we are not bound by those mistakes now. By having the courage to look at our mistakes and take responsibility for them, we look to the humanness in all of us. Atonement means to go back to the place where we were irresponsible with ourselves or others and grow from the experience so we act from a kinder, more loving place in the future.

5. What you give is what you get. Only what I am not giving can be lacking in any situation. Hence, Williamson suggests the following morning prayer: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?”

6. Miracles occur naturally as an expression of love. Williamson defines a miracle as a shift of perception from fear to love. These miracles can only occur as long as your heart is open. When your heart is not open, you are deflecting the miracle that would otherwise be happening.

So, go to it! If any of these statement struck a chord with you, try Williamson’s suggestions and see if it helps you open up and overcome an obstacle. Read more from Williamson on her blog.

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