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How to Arrange Flowers Effortlessly
(+ Tips for Tulips)

Flowers are the ultimate guilty pleasure. They’re not cheap and they don’t last for much longer than a week. But their presence can brighten not only a room—but your mood.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for fancy arrangements though. Whether you’re picking some blooms from your own garden or buying them loose from a florist, here’s how to do a simple, loose arrangement of one to three flower types; no green foam or frogs necessary!

You’ll just need a good knife or garden shears (never use scissors as they can crush the stem), and a clear round “fishbowl” vase. This method works well with tulips, zinnias, and daisies among others.

1. Cut the flower stems diagonally with a knife about an inch from the base of the stem. (If you cut it straight it will lay flat in the bowl and not suck up water.)

2. Put them in lukewarm water immediately. Leave them in the water for at least an hour. (You can actually cut the stems in a basin of lukewarm water for optimal results.)

3. Arrange a few of the flowers by crisscrossing the stems in the bowl, moving all around the rim of the bowl. This makes a web of stems for you to insert the other flowers into.

4. Put the first flower into the center of the web.

5. Now just start angling and standing the rest of the flowers into the web.

6. Give it a round, not a squat, shape by varying the lengths of the flowers; leaving some at the center a bit taller, and some higher at the base of the bowl.

>> Tips for Tulips

Before arranging, wrap the tulips in strong paper (like wax paper) and tape it to keep the flower stems strong. Place the bundle in a tall bucket of lukewarm water. The support of the bucket trains them to not “flop” and the water gives them added strength.

Always remove the bottom tulip leaf and check the tulip base to make sure no dirt is trapped in the crevice at the leaf and stem joint. The dirt will make the water cloudy and the flowers won’t live as long.

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