Losing My Job and Gaining a ‘New Dress a Day’

Creativity often springs from necessity. Case in point? New Dress a Day, Marisa Lynch’s new book based on her addictive blog where she documents making her own clothes from unloveable thrift store finds. Here, she share how her blog helped her deal with job loss and find a support system. —BBL Editor

Who would have said, three years ago, that getting laid off and having to give up retail shopping for the year to be able to pay bills would have been the best thing that ever happened to me?

That’s right. I was in serious panic mode when I got laid off from my online magazine job. I was sorting through unemployment and figuring out how to stay afloat all while just a few months away from turning 30, which is an issue in itself.

Having this massive change in my life really made me put things in perspective—I was finally going to put myself first while I was in transition mode. It meant upcycling clothes, a hobby I had always enjoyed when I had time, but now challenged myself to do on a regular basis. It quelled the “can’t spend money at H&M anymore” fact by allowing me to still get to wear something “new” by taking other people’s vintage rejects, garage sale throwaways, and flea market finds and turning them into something current, wearable, and on trend…for just a buck a day.

I began blogging daily, using the online platform as a way to not only document my upcycled creations, but to not let myself off the hook. It became the thing in my life that was steady, while everything else was in disarray. By doing this for myself and putting myself out there, people started following me, posting my challenge on their blogs, and ultimately rooting me on during my year-long journey. To receive all this amazing support while in this weird, new place in my life turned out to be the greatest gift I could have received. I’m overjoyed to see people who have started to upcycle and who have begun to reinvent their own closets just because they saw me do it.

At the end of the day who would have thought that getting let go at work would ultimately allow me to write a book? I mean, it’s ridiculous! But ridiculous in the most amazingly, awesome way.

Want to see some of Marisa’s upcycled makeovers? Find her on Facebook, Twitter (@newdressaday), Pinterest and newdressaday.com.

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