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Michelle Bridges Asks: What Scares You Away From a Total Body Transformation?

Taking Weight Off Is Science, But Keeping It Off Is Psychology

What is really holding you back?

Maybe you get “analysis paralysis” and overanalyze to the extent that it all becomes too complex and you become overwhelmed. Or maybe you simply don’t know if you have the strength to do it.

And before you know it, all the negative self-talk and the tired excuses flood back and you shelve the whole idea: “I’ll get to that next week/month/year.” We all want it right now, but achieving it starts with action, not words.

Some people say they want to lose weight desperately, but they never convert their intentions into actions. Is this you? If it is, I want you to ask yourself what it is you are afraid of. What is it about action that scares you?


>> Are you afraid of change? Of not being able to eat all the food you eat now? Well, my answer to that is simple: what the hell is so scary about that? You’re clearly not starving! And I promise you, your new eating habits will help you lose weight and save you time and money.

>> Does the thought of exercise send you into a blind panic? We’re talking profound, life-extending change here, so it’s definitely not time to be scared. Please! Exercise is nothing to be afraid of. Earthquakes, accidents, and war, yes: exercise, no.

>> Are you scared to fail? That’s an easy one. The greatest opportunities for learning come through screw-ups, especially if you are ready and willing to learn from them.


Sometimes when I’m talking to people who are struggling with their weight, it’s as if they think that as long as they keep talking about weight loss, it will magically happen. Talking is good, but it should set the stage for action, not become a replacement for it. It has to lead to something.

Remember: thoughts, words, action!

If any of these fears ring true for you, then you need to face up squarely to them – bring them out into the open. Because when you acknowledge something, that’s the first step to owning it, and in doing so, taking responsibility for it. You will no longer be able to put the blame on others or use all those well-honed excuses.

You are in charge of the new you!

Why get up for that morning jog?


>> Because your mind and body will function better for it.

>> Because you’ll probably live quite a bit longer.

>> Because you’ll be less likely to live your later years with chronic disability, draining the emotions and finances of those around you.

>> Because you won’t be one of those resentful moms/dads/wives/husbands/partners who feel like they never get time for themselves (ouch!).

>> But most important of all, you will be healthier and happier. (Many, many studies prove the effectiveness of exercise in managing depression.)


Excerpted from Total Body Transformation by Michelle Bridges. Copyright © 2014 by Michelle Bridges. Excerpted by permission of Zink Inc, a division of Random House LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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