Make Your Own Peaches-and-Cream Face Mask

For the ancient Mesopotamians, attending to personal care and cleanliness was a ritual with religious overtones. Ritual bathing was almost universal throughout the ancient world.

From a modern medical perspective, the skin is the body’s largest organ; in the past few decades it was discovered to secrete more hormones than any other organ.

The enemies of health are also enemies of the complexion. Water and air pollution, harsh light, stress, smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise all leave their mark on your skin. Its tone and color are also a barometer of emotions (as anyone knows who has turned red with embarrassment or pale with fright).

When you care for it well, you glow, because the energetic level of your Life Design is shining through your skin.

Beauty rituals are for the purpose of nurturing yourself. By taking time and care over moisturizers, masks and creams that nourish your skin, you reinforce the belief that you matter. In short, beauty rituals are part of self-care.

Ritual Practice: Seeing Your Beauty

You can turn the routine of putting on makeup and blow-drying your hair into self-care rituals by thinking about your purpose in doing these things. When your beauty routines become a conscious act of devotion for someone you love, for instance, it becomes a fulfilling ritual.

You can reinforce the purpose behind beauty by taking a moment to close your eyes and reminding yourself of your intention for making yourself beautiful: “I am here to celebrate the feminine in every way. I want my inner beauty to shine, and I feel that beauty as I make myself beautiful on the outside as well.”

But there’s no need to feel solemn – for countless women, their intention with beauty is to have fun – and we’re all for it. So at moments of happiness and enjoyment, say to yourself, “I am glowing with beauty. I radiate it from my own being.” These affirmations link inner and outer beauty in a way that goes to how you value yourself in everything you are and do.

The term “peaches-and-cream skin” comes from a technique used generations ago by women who combined mashed peaches and fresh cream as a facial mask. The mixture made the skin lush and beautiful. For that famous peaches-and-cream complexion, try this recipe.

Peaches-and-Cream Mask*

1 large peach
2–3 Tbsp cream

1. Mash peach in a bowl, removing skin and pit.
2. Add cream and mix until smooth.
3. Apply to your face. This mixture is a bit runny so lie back and relax for about 10 minutes. You can cover your face with a light cheesecloth or washcloth.
4. Rinse off with tepid water.

nature's beauty secrets dawn gallagherDrawing from her extensive travels, fashion model Dawn Gallagher presents a natural, multicultural approach to beauty care. She has collected recipes from spas all over the world and translated them into simple treatments one can do at home. *Discover more natural beauty treatment recipes at Dawn’s site,
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