Better Living on the Web: Politics With Friends

The presidential election is just over two weeks away, and with three debates under our belts, we are starting to feel the effects of the election in our personal lives.

On Facebook and Twitter, friends and family have gone from friendly updates to page-long comment battles on everything from the economy to gay marriage to Big Bird. There are about 170 million people in the U.S. on Facebook, making this an election where more people than ever have a forum to voice their opinions. Because of this, stress and frustration are bound to ensue. How can you look at your best work friend the same again now that you know that she has polar opposite views on the candidates, or when did your aunt start creating and posting memes? Did she really just post a video of herself in her kitchen ranting about your family’s personal problems? Isn’t voting in America private?

We hear you. So below we have collected some helpful tips from around the web that will help you keep your sanity in the coming weeks. Most importantly, though, remember to not be discouraged by the social media drama; stick your ground and VOTE on November 6!

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