Recipe: Matcha Latte Pops

Treat your body and your taste buds all summer long with this refreshingly, healthy recipe from Liz Moody's Glow Pops.

Summer has officially arrived, and Liz Moody’s Glow Pops is offering us 35 nutrient-packed, frosty-treat recipes that will keep us cool, refreshed, and energized throughout the season. A blender and a pop mold are all you need to whip up any of these delicious flavors, guilt-free. If you are craving something sweet, try the Cucumber Mint Mojito, Honey Peach Thyme, Cookie Dough or Peanut Butter pops. If savory is your thing, try the Sweet & Spicy Corn, Tomato Beet Bloody Mary, or one of the many other recipe options that are available. You can start cooling down and getting healthy with this refreshing recipe for Matcha Latte Pops. Enjoy!




Matcha Latte Pop


Matcha has taken the health food world by storm in recent years, and I must confess I haven’t been immune to its charms. Fancy ceremonial rituals aside, matcha is simply finely ground green tea. Instead of steeping it and discarding the leaves, you dissolve the whole-leaf powder in whatever liquid you’re using and drink it. Because you’re consuming the whole tea leaf, rather than simply infusing liquid with it, the health benefits skyrocket: matcha has 137 more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, including EGCG, which has been found in numerous studies to have potent cancer-fighting properties. This pop has a slightly grassy, sweet flavor that will quickly become addictive.

2 cups full-fat coconut milk
2 teaspoons matcha powder
3 tablespoons sweetener of choice (maple syrup, coconut sugar, coconut syrup, honey)

1. Blend together all the ingredients until smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into pop molds and freeze for 1 hour, then insert sticks and freeze for at least 4 hours more, or until solid.


Reprinted from Glow Pops Copyright © 2017 by Liz Moody. Published by Clarkson Potter, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. 

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