Staying In Is the New Going Out

5 fun ways to enliven your time with friends.

Not leaving the house and going to bed early: our childhood punishments are now our adult goals.

Sounds familiar? Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing about millennial homebodies hunkering in rather than going out clubbing. Studies cite varied causes for the shift: foodie culture, screen time, tight budgets, binge-able TV. Whatever the reason, for many of us staying in is the new going out.

So if the idea of time spent in with friends and family sounds like a good time, we have some creative ideas for how you can spice up your night and add a little pizazz.

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Mashable says this is the game that will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party. Based on the renowned live game show, this card game for pun lovers is puntastic. Draw two cards, make a bad pun connecting the two and the most terrible punster wins. It’s puns of fun!


In this uniquely fragmented word game, which is more fun for word enthusiasts, you build words with cards created for optimal word crafting. Make clever combinations and steal your friends’ words to win!

Bend Your Brain

If you love Marbles: The Brain Store, you will love this book. Full of puzzles that will tie you in knots and make your neurons downright giddy. From visual perception to word skills to critical thinking, there are 151 puzzles here to get your frontal lobe breaking a sweat.


The Illuminated Tarot

This is a tarot deck for the 21st century with beautifully illustrated cards and a guidebook to help you do readings from the moment you begin. Cards are identified in a simple, modern way: for instance, the Two of Hearts represents “temperance and moderation,” the Jack of Clubs “the enthusiastic pursuit of a new venture,” and the Seven of Diamonds “hope and healing.” Whether you’re doing a three-card reading (past, present, future) or playing a traditional card game, this deck will class up your gathering.

Deal or Duel

Okay, it’s way more fun than it sounds. This Alexander Hamilton card game pits your survival instincts against the instability and financial turmoil of the American Revolution. It’s a historical action card game with one simple objective: “get all the money or die trying.” More fierce than Monopoly.


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