Suzanne Somers on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’re in your thirties or forties, your body is changing, and so are your moods, sleep, health, and weight. Tired of being at the mercy of your hormones?

Perimenopause can be enjoyable if you know what to do. I’m Too Young for This! details how you can get your body and mind back on track, safely and without drugs.

Just know this; the way you’ve been feeling (and acting) is not your fault. Hormones are in control of us physically and emotionally. PMS? It feels real, right? It is. Your chemicals are messed up and we are our chemicals!

Now these little chemical messengers are running are all over the place. But just knowing it’s not your fault won’t make you feel better. I’ll tell you: It’s Not You. It’s Your Hormones!

At present the orthodox medical community doesn’t accept that there are safe, effective, natural ways to deal with this challenging passage. They deal with the symptoms of this life transition by prescribing various drugs, what I call the Band-Aid approach.

But these solutions promote other negative health changes in women and men, and cause many other conditions to worsen as a result. This is the book you’ve been waiting for. I’ve been there and survived and I am now enjoying superb health and an incredible quality of life; in fact, my experience is joyous.

You too can enjoy perimenopause! Yes, I said enjoy and I mean it.

I will explain what I did, whom I learned from, and what you can expect. It’s all good. You are going to be fine; in fact, yourlife will be better in most cases than ever before. This book will guide you through this difficult and confusing passage.

You are about to get your life back. You are about to be able to enjoy each day and wake up happy and balanced. You are about to realize that this next passage brings with it confidence, joy, and wisdom. You are about to enter the best time of your life.

Say good-bye to the Band-Aid approach of traditional medicine. You are going to have energy, vitality, without drugs. You are going to feel like having sex again (even if right now you don’t think you care), your moods aregoing to stabilize, and your weight will normalize.

You are going to be okay, and you are going to be healthy . . . very healthy. Stay with me. The health issues you face are fixable by restoring hormones the natural way. No matter your age or gender, restoring your hormones to their optimal healthy levels has the same effect as giving water to a dying plant.

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