What We Learn About Ourselves and Each Other When We Eavesdrop

Many consider eavesdropping an invasion of privacy, and that may be true, but is it also a way for us to gain insight into others and stay connected to what's going on around us?

When I was little, I loved riding in the backseat of my parents’ car at night, catching glimpses of other people’s lives through their warm, glowing windows. I liked to imagine the families inside and what the rooms I couldn’t see looked like. I considered how their families’ routines and traditions might differ—or be similar—to […]

The Benefits of Becoming a Good Listener

I have always been a chatterbox. I like to talk. In school I got in a lot of trouble for talking too much, but now as an adult, my gift of the gab is one of my greatest assets as a rabbi, author and speaker. Except for the fact that sometimes, my inability not to […]
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