Better Living on the Web: Top Stories of 2012

If you are anything like us, you saw a lot of interesting articles on your Twitter feed this year and vowed to read them later. Well, later is now. Below we’ve collected some of the articles and topics our girlfriends have been buzzing about this year. So on this holiday break, cozy up by the fire, open your tablet and read until your heart’s content. Happy Holidays!

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All (The Atlantic)

Breakout Star Lena Dunahm Writes About Nora Ephron’s Impact (The New Yorker)

50 Ways Fifty Shades of Grey Has Changed The World (The Daily Beast)

The Autism Advantage (The New York Times)

Boys on the Side (The Atlantic)

The Criminalization of Bad Mothers (The New York Times)

Why Women Are Paid Less Than Men (Business Week)

Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders (TED)

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