Witness Your Fear: A Mental Exercise From Gabrielle Bernstein

2013 is just around the corner. The New Year brings resolutions, new ideas, goals and plans. Our December book of the month, May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein, is just what we need to face our goals with a newfound sense of peace and energy. This practical handbook for finding happiness leads readers through 40 days of exercises and affirmations that help us face fears and replace them with love. We’ve given you a video sneak peek and an exclusive excerpt from the book. Here is an example of an exercise and affirmation from the book about witnessing fear and becoming mindful.

Witness Your Fear
Today’s work is to raise your consciousness and open your mind to your fear-based patterns. You must witness your behavior if you want to truly change it. You must look at your fear head-on to recognize that believing its lies was a choice you made.

Everyone has individual fears that are unique to them. Each of us picks up fear from our past and recreates it in the present, then projects it onto the future. Each day we make the decision to forget about happiness and choose to project fear onto our “reality.” Today’s practice will help you become mindful of how you’ve been committed to your fears. A Course in Miracles teaches that projection is perception—therefore, whatever fear-based beliefs you’ve been projecting onto your internal movie screen have become the film that is your life. It’s time to become conscious of what you’ve been projecting so that you can begin to rewrite the script.

Morning Reflection
Begin your practice by reading the morning reflection below. Immediately following the passage, sit for one minute of silence—close your eyes and breathe deeply in your nose and out your mouth. This minute of silence will let the message set in and permeate your being. Remember that the work we do together will be subtle. Therefore, you may not think one minute of stillness will have an effect, but trust that every second you choose a new perspective is a miracle.

Read the morning reflection below.

Today I am the witness to my fear. I open my heart and mind to see how I have chosen fear over love. Today I will watch myself as if I’m standing across the street peeking into the world I have created. I will witness how my fears run the show. I will pay attention to my patterns. Without judgment I will become conscious of where my mind chose wrongly and how these fear-based thoughts have tainted my happiness. I know this practice is the first step to uncovering my destructive patterns to create powerful change. I am ready, willing and able to look at the delusional thoughts I’ve been projecting. I’m willing to witness my fear.

Sit in stillness for a minute. Let this passage soak in.

Daily Affirmation: I am willing to witness my fear.
Whenever you notice your fears rise up during the day, repeat the affirmation above. For instance, if you become anxious at work, nervous before a date, or uncomfortable meeting someone new, you can simply use your affirmation: I am willing to witness my fear. The practice of witnessing your fear is important because it guides you to understand your triggers. This awareness is helpful in other exercises in the book.

Take this message with you throughout the day by plugging it into your phone as an hourly reminder. When the alarm goes off, read your affirmation to gently remind yourself to look courageously at your fear straight-on and say, “I am willing to witness my fear.”

If you preorder May Cause Miracles this month, you’ll get access to Gabby’s December group coaching course, two guided meditations and an audio book introduction. To learn more, visit gabbyb.tv or follow Bernstein on Twitter at @GabbyBernstein.

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